I’m a tropical ecosystem ecologist and doctoral student in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota. I am also a research fellow at UMN’s Institute on the Environment (working with the Global Landscape Initiative). My primary areas of interest are the effects of global change on ecosystem processes (carbon and nitrogen cycling), feedbacks between land-use change and tropical forests, and using ecosystem services approaches in decision making.

For more details (and a publication list), see my CV.

Active research questions:

  • What are the ecological tradeoffs (specifically, for global climate and biodiversity patterns) of an increasingly agricultural Amazonia?
  • What changes to the nitrogen cycle are associated with the intensification of Amazonian agriculture? How do emissions of nitrous oxide change with cropland intensification?
  • How do changes to the nitrogen cycle influence landscape-level greenhouse gas emissions when land-use patterns are taken into account?
  • Using an ecosystem services framework, what land-use patterns increase agricultural production in Amazonia at least harm to the earth system?

In addition:

My side projects tend to revolve around agricultural tradeoffs, tropical ecosystem ecology, ecosystem services writ large, methods of achieving sustainability, or some combination therein. And of course, I’m always, always, always excited to hear about new ideas and to chat about new (to me) questions!

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