Back in the forest

IPAM guys rocking some N2O sampling in the forest

From L to R, Bati, David, Sandro, and Ebis (IPAM field technicians) in a forest site after measuring nitrous oxide emissions and taking soil samples

I’m back in the forest! And this time around, I’m on the sampling train. Field work has been insanely busy, but I’m posting this photo (taken after a job well done in a forest plot that I’m studying) that I took of some of the IPAM staff I have the honor of working with in the field out here. Nothing too fancy for my first post back, but I’m (hopefully) back on a more regular blog posting schedule for the next long while!

Olá do Brasil!
– christine

2 thoughts on “Back in the forest

  1. Ola’ Christine,

    No’ s estamos no Rio de Janeiro ate’ sexta feira quando voltamos para Washington.
    Espero que a pesquisa esteja indo bem e que as condicoes metereologicas estejam cooperando.
    See you in Washington!
    Big hug…Gilda e Stan

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